17 Facts That Prove Toronto Is The Most Underrated City

1. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.


With over 140 languages and dialects spoken by its residents. 30% of its people speak languages other than English or French.

2. They embrace (and are comprised of) immigrants.


Half of Toronto’s population (that’s 1,237,720 people) was born outside of Canada. The most spoken mother languages are Tagalog, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, andPortuguese.

3. Which means it offers the most diverse and delicious spectrum of authentic grub.


4. The subway system, AKA the TTC, is simple and intuitive.


And gets to you from the seedier stripper downtown blocks to the outskirts of Not-Really-Toronto regions of Scarborough.

5. Toronto’s Pride Week is one of the largest organized LGBT festivals in the world.


Each year the ten-day festival is built around around a thematic slogan that represents the state of the LGBT community. Previous themes included “Fearless” (2006), “Unstoppable!” (2007), “Unified” (2008), and “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (2009).

This summer, the city is proud to host World Pride 2014, which will become one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world. BOOK A TRIP.

6. It’s home to Caribana, a celebration of Caribbean culture that also happens to be North America’s BIGGEST street festival.


7. It’s ranked as the second most business-competitive global city in the world.


8. It’s also one of the biggest arts & culture hubs.


The city owns over 200 historic monuments and public works of art, over 70 film festivals, and a handful of renowned ballet and opera companies.

9. Like to skate? There are 52 public rinks that are as beautiful as they are functional.


Night skates give the city a dazzling twinkle.

10. It’s comparable to other big cities, except, y’know, better and more habitable.


And clean, and accessible, and friendly…

11. It’s birthed some folks who are equal-parts talented and attractive.



See: little-known celebs like Jim Carrey, Alison Pill, Drake, Eugene Levy, Will Arnett, Mike Myers, Nina Dobrev and Lorne Michaels.

12. It has a loud and live local music scene.


13. The city is a big proponent of environmental initiatives and public parks.


“Toronto’s parks are our city’s lungs,” are the first words of Urban Toronto’s website. Environmental groups are actively promoting “green” agendas to keep the city, and its parks, clean and operating.

14. Canadians—mostly Torontonians—hold more university degrees than anyone else.


15. The city’s crime rate is at a steady decline.


16. Toronto continually ranks high on “best places to live” lists and surveys.


Step aside, Van-city.

17. And most undisputedly, T.Dot is a charming mixing pot of the best (and most tolerant) people in the world.


That’s a fact.


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2 thoughts on “17 Facts That Prove Toronto Is The Most Underrated City

  1. I love visiting Toronto! (And Ottawa and Montreal, too.) I have several friends who migrated there from Jamaica. My family and I have been there lots of times and now that the children are older, maybe I can have more fun next time that won’t include only kids stuff 🙂 My kids love going there. Very much looking forward to my next visit. I’m sure there’s so much more to see!

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