Local Moving

Our goal is to make your relocation efficient and stress-free. We’re licensed, insured and have the expertise and credentials to provide you with a complete range of moving services. Be sure to get a quote from us when comparing moving companies.

Each and every move has its own special challenges. Our movers will evaluate and consider the special circumstances of your move. Our expertise includes the special skills required to coordinate a move in our areas more rugged terrain, negotiating winding drives, narrow and uneven access roads in the hills and copying with other local conditions. Call or email us to discuss your relocation needs with our staff or request a free estimate

Toronto Movers – Let’s get Moving


To start your move, the assigned uniformed crew will arrive at your home at the scheduled time and the foreman will introduce himself. Then, he’ll thoroughly inspect your home and all the goods to be loaded onto our truck. Once evaluated, all the listed items will be completely wrapped and loaded onto the moving truck. When the truck arrives at your destination, the crew will efficiently unload your goods and carry them into your new location (home or office). They will then unwrap and reassemble the furniture, placing all items in their desired locations, per your instructions. The driver will then, accompanied by you, conduct a physical inspection of the inside of the truck to ensure all your goods have been received.

The standard hourly rates are broken into 15 minute increments and are based on; the number of crew members assigned and number of trucks you’ll require

visit our website http://www.movemeeasy.ca

follow us on twitter http://www.twitter.com/movemeeasy

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