To move or not to move, that is the question


There are a few major decisions in life that can take a lot of pondering, for example, getting married, making a career change and moving. When it’s time to evaluate whether or not to go ahead with such an important event, many people use the method of weighing pros and cons.
The following list of questions has been developed to help you decide whether or not your pending move is a good idea. Answer these questions honestly, and you might be surprised with the results!
1. Are you moving to be close to someone?
Yes No
2. Will this move allow you to grow as a person?
Yes No
3. Are you excited about moving to the city in question?
Yes No
4. Will you be leaving behind any special people that are a part of your life?
Yes No
5. Will the schools be good for your children?
Yes No
6. Is the crime rate tolerable?
Yes No
7. Will housing be affordable?
Yes No
8. Do you have the opportunity for better employment?
Yes No
9. Is the weather to your liking?
Yes No
10. Will you be able to continue extra curricular activities that you enjoy?
Yes No
11. Do you know people in the new town?
Yes No
12. Will your spouse and/or children be happy and adapt?
Yes No
If you answered mostly Yes, your move is bound to be a success! More than 3 No’s and you may want to do some more research and/or contemplation on your move.
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